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About DISH Network

DISH Network can deliver 500 channels of crystal-clear video and CD-quality audio across a nationwide network of 6 satellites to more than 10 million viewers. To support those customers, DISH Network owns and operates a state-of-the-art Uplink Center in Cheyenne, Wyoming, and six Custome Service Centers across the country.

DISH Network Commercial Services TV was created in response to the specific needs of restaurants, offices, multiple dwelling units, universities, hotels, hospitals, and all other commercial properties. Since no two properties or deals are exactly the same, DISH Commercial TV does not offer a "cookie-cutter" solution for every situation. Rather as business partners, we will consult with you to evaluate all you alternatives and make recommendations as to the best solution based on you needs. With this approach, DISH Commercial TV can provide the best balance of installation, equipment, programming and service that DISH Network can offer.

We are fully committed to providing the same outstanding customer service and competitively priced programming that can be found in the residential market. Please contact us at 480.346.1111 or EMAIL us and a representative will assist you.